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The journal DILeMa scientifically reflects on the interplay between digital learning materials and inclusion. It combines theoretical considerations with empirical perspectives on digital learning materials. A special focus is placed on meta-reviews: a format that is based on the voices of users of digital educational resources. The journal DILeMa aims to gain clarity on the triangulation of the topics of inclusion, digitality and educational materials by reflecting on digital learning materials in terms of quality, usability and appropriateness for their purposes. Hence, DILeMa is a journal that brings together different voices and perspectives on the topic of inclusion-sensitive digital teaching and learning materials. This issue is dedicated to the topic in a comprehensive manner, containing three forms of contributions: 1) scientific articles, 2) meta-reviews and discussions. Submissions are welcome to all parts. The call for paper at hand concerns articles:

ARTICLES (20,000-40,000 characters)

The first section contains double-blind peer reviewed scientific articles on general theoretical and conceptual research questions that explore the field of digital inclusive learning materials. We invite researchers to submit their contribution in the thematic area of, for example, the following questions:

  •       In what forms do inclusion and exclusion manifest themselves in the context of digitality?
  •       What role do open educational resources play in the context of participation?
  •       What challenges arise in relation to the interaction of digital learning materials and diversity?
  •       How can inclusion be realised by means of digital learning materials?
  •       What can be considered inclusive in the context of digitality?



Your contribution can be submitted any time but latest on September 30, 2024 and will then go through a double-blind peer review process (for articles). As the journal is aimed at an international audience, submissions in English, German, Czech and Swedish are welcome. You are welcome to send an expression of interest (names of the authors and working title) by e-mail ( by the end of July.

Prof. Dr. Michaela Vogt, Bielefeld University

Prof. Dr. Katja Andersen, Luxembourg University

Prof. Anette Bagger, Ph.D., Dalarna University

Prof. Zuzana Sikorová, Ph.D., Ostrava University

Marlene Pieper, M.A., Bielefeld University


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