Terms of Use

Deletion of the user account / submitted / published articles.

If you wish to delete your user account, all personal data of your user account for all journals in the BieJournals system will be deleted. The deletion cannot be reversed! If you only wish to delete your user account for this journal, this is only possible if you have created another user ID for other journals in the BieJournals system.

All articles submitted by you - accepted/published and rejected/unpublished - will remain in the system and will continue to be assigned to your name for technical and organizational reasons. All messages sent by you via the system remain in the system and are assigned to the local system administrator. A subsequent deletion of individual messages is only possible for the purpose of scientific documentation in the sense of good scientific practice after the maximum retention period of 10 years has expired. Subsequent deletion of submitted (non-published) articles including all messages assigned to the submission is only possible in justified exceptional cases. A subsequent deletion of already published articles is excluded, unless the publication of the article is an obvious error.